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Language links 4/1/2019

Once a month, I share some of what I’ve been reading.

Why diversity matters in anthropology.

First, someone looked at spelling difficulties on Reddit (as marked by “(sp?)”). Then they turned it into a game.

Gender-neutral language alert: We don’t need to describe spacecraft as manned and unmanned.

Strong Language brings us tits and ass. And also swearing on TV.

Gender-neutral pronouns: On Jordan Peterson and the “freedom” to treat other people badly.

How to study an emerging sign language.

The kids are all right: Gen Z is more likely than any previous generation to support institutional recognition of multiple genders.

Ghana is adding a second official language: French.

Through Twitter, I just recently found this (5-year-old) post about mock Spanish in children’s books: “Spanish is not used as a language to communicate given its incoherence. Instead, Schachner uses Spanish to laugh at Skippito and by extension, Mexicans and Latinos in the U.S.; its runaway success is indicative of how ‘funny’ Spanish and Mexicans continue to be to White and/or monolingual English speakers.”

Related: how the concept of raciolinguistic ideologies works for teachers.


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