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Language links 12/1

Once a month, I share some of what I’ve been reading.

Danya Glabau’s new guide on emerging technologies and ethics is basically my reading list for the next year.

American Anthropologist published an excellent overview of race and voting in America just in time for the election. While I’m only sharing it after the fact, it’s still valuable.

In a blog post, Elliott Hoey and Chase Raymond take on the good and the bad of the prevalence of “classic” data in CA.

On the problems with euphemisms for racism: “Color-blind and euphemistic coverage not only masks the danger of racism, it reinforces it.”

On the diversity-and-inclusion-in-STEM front: LGBTQ folks are still way under-represented in STEM fields. GRE scores are horrible predictors of whether or not someone will complete a STEM Ph.D. And it shouldn’t just be the job of under-represented folks to somehow get themselves represented — the rest of us have work to do. (I’m not crazy about the pipeline metaphor, but that last link compiles a TON of information about bias in academia and is particularly worth a thorough read.) Oh, and using gender-balanced panels and conducting gender-blind review of research proposals (which would probably amount to separating review of credentials from review of planned work in many fields) leads to more women getting funded.

Unsurprisingly, research consistently shows that gender transition has positive outcomes for transgender people.

This is what gender bias looks like in the news.



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