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Language links 11/5

Two Mondays a month[1], I share some of what I’ve been reading in the past week.

Ever wondered how linguists invent the languages on TV shows and movies?

Are you an NYC-area writer who loves making data and statistics crystal clear for people who might be less comfortable with them? Come work with me!

Thousands of scientists and health care providers — “biologists, geneticists, psychologists, anthropologists, physicians, neuroscientists, social scientists, biochemists, mental health service providers, and other scientists in solidarity” — have signed an open letter decrying the current government’s deeply unscientific proposal to redefine gender. (Sign here.)

Teen Vogue, again hitting it out of the park, reminded everyone that #DisabilityIsNotScary.

A reminder: algorithms aren’t any less biased than people — just more consistently biased — which means that the data you’re training them with matters a lot.

Language: A Feminist Guide looks at the iconic x in various terms (womxn, Mx., Latinx, folx).

From Strong Language, a timely post about the fucking midterm elections.

[1] Was every Monday.


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