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Language links 9/10

Every Monday, I share some of what I’ve been reading in the past week.

A few months ago, calls for volunteer indigenous language translators went around social media. Sonya Rao explains what’s wrong with this way of framing the problem.

A good primer on gender-inclusive language. (I’ve never heard pibling in the wild, and I’m skeptical that it’s really used, but please let me know your examples!) Stay awesome, Teen Vogue!

TV is finally looking to add diversity to writers’ rooms. But it’s hard to find folks when you’ve been keeping them out for so long.

On a related note, academia continues to struggle with all manner of institutional racism.

And here’s a different anthropological take on Donald Trump than others I’ve been reading: “Whereas Sanders engaged Trump supporters by arguing that Trump was the wrong answer to the right question — that average middle and working-class America was being fleeced — Clinton offered no such dignified pathway to their coming on side.”


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