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Language links 8/21


Every Monday, I share some of what I’ve been reading in the past week.

Two of my colleagues thoughtfully take down the claim that political correctness is to blame for America’s woes: “What might appear to be a respectful debate that includes a diversity of opinions can in fact serve to reproduce systemic racism. After all, freedom of speech was inscribed into the US Constitution in concert with the displacement and genocide of indigenous populations and the continued reliance on slavery to build the economy of the newly formed nation-state. One could imagine during this time period, two property-owning white men—the normative political subjects whose rights the constitution was designed to endow and protect—respectfully debating the merits of slavery before shaking hands and going their separate ways.”


Weekend reading: the Ford Foundation on pop culture and social change.

Allure has decided to stop using the term “anti-aging” because words matter.

Do you know how to pronounce ‘antifa’?