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Language links 5/22

Every Monday, I share some of what I’ve been reading in the past week.

Standardizing terminology can make a big difference, and here’s a look at how it plays out in dealing with drug-resistant infections.

After writing about dance roles, gender roles, and language this week, I’m excited to learn more about Saul Albert’s research on dance and interaction.

Why do some accents sound better than others? Hint: it’s about our judgment of the people who have them.

Lauren Gawne has a great summary of an article about the relationships between gesture, speech, and thought.

Questioning certain folks’ credentials is one of the ways that discrimination and inequality get reproduced. And it turns out that women are much more likely to use professional titles when introducing men than the other way around.

I’ve rediscovered Gretchen McCulloch’s old essays for The Toast about language and the internet. Some favorites:



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