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Language links 5/15

Every Monday, I share some of what I’ve been reading in the past week.

From the “Nobody listened when the linguists said it” files: “Some men use anti-gay and sexist jokes to shore up their masculinity.”

A great read critiquing most intercultural communication advice: “The national character stereotypes of intercultural communication advice are completely mono-dimensional and not inflected by any other aspects of their identities. They are presented as free of class, gender, ethnicity, regional background, personal traits or any other individuating aspects of their being. Much intercultural communication advice is so obviously lacking in common sense – people obviously are rarely, if ever, stick figure representatives of national stereotypes – that it is intriguing to consider why the genre is so successful and continues to flourish.”

Merriam-Webster continues their track record as the semi-official dictionary of the resistance.

By stereotype, men are more obscene than women. And yet

Raciolinguistic profiling isn’t new, but this is particularly shameless.


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