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Language links 5/1

Every Monday, I share some of what I’ve been reading in the past week.

Am I the only one who hears Aziz Ansari’s voice every time I see DoggoLingo?

As families evolve, we need new ways to talk about them: a thoughtful piece about complex forms of parenthood — including co-parenting, surrogacy, donor relationships, and so on.

Rachael Tatman looked at female and male used as nouns on Twitter. The results will surprise you! Well, no, they won’t — it’s all about defaults and markedness. So a female gets used a lot in general to talk about women – because male is the default. And a male mostly gets used about trans people, because that default man is cisgender. (Plus, female and male as nouns are dehumanizing, since they reduce us to biology.)

WordPress included me in a roundup of five essays on names and identity, and I was flattered — the other four are amazing.

South Africa just saw a milestone: the first dissertation in isiXhosa.





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