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Language links 4/24

Every Monday, I share some of what I’ve been reading in the past week.

Good grammar comes from privilege, not virtue: “Good communication is a constantly moving target and a cultural construction. Let’s not freeze our expectations in a place that puts marginalized people at another undeserved disadvantage.”

Among other advantages, bilingualism delays the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Have you given any thought to the ghost emoji? I have zero emoji skills, to be perfectly honest.

A fantastic article comparing the media treatment of David Dao to the media treatment of Robert Bentley to show the role of race in criminalizing some types of people.

Yet another linguistic-anthropology take on Trumpian language.

Frank Bruni has a piece in this week’s New York Times about the silence surrounding James Beard’s gayness. I’m particularly struck by the connections to how we talk about erasure in linguistic anthropology: “One of the many arguments — no, imperatives — for recognizing same-sex marriage is that it’s the only telling of the full truth. Otherwise we erase whole chunks of people’s existences, and that’s as cruel and mistaken ‘as it would be to leave out someone’s life work or what country they lived in,’ said Nathaniel Frank, the author of ‘Awakening,’ a history of the marriage-equality movement that will be published this month.”


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