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Language links 3/27

Every Monday, I share some of what I’ve been reading in the past week.

Whiteness doesn’t just expand to let people in, it can also contract and spit people out.” A great read on the constant negotiation and fluidity of racial categories.

Have you ever dreamed of a tour of the Merriam-Webster offices? And did you know that there’s a backwards index?

A linguist takes on the Oxford comma.

Q: Why should you never date an apostrophe?
A: They’re too possessive.
…and other jokes about grammar, spelling, etc.

I’m a sucker for almost anything about Jessie Little Doe Baird and the Wampanoag language. And this article touches on some of the more nuanced aspects of language revitalization, as a bonus.

And here’s a great take on “shitgibbon” and on what patterns are most productive to make insults of this type.

Your regular reminder that discourse analysis matters.



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