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Language links 12/7

Every Monday, I share some of what I’ve been reading in the past week.

Why linguistic diversity in the workplace matters.

The passive voice can be used to hide the actors who commit particular arts, but it has other strategic uses as well.

Quite a number of English terms of endearment are words for food. Plus: UK-specific terms of endearmentShakespearean terms of endearment, and cross-linguistic terms of endearment. (My all-time favorite relationship term is “umm friend,” used to describe a less-than-significant other.)

“Quite a difference between a yenta and a Jen, though, isn’t there?” Musings on “jentacular,” which someone once proposed as a nickname for me.

Do you sign your emails? How do you sign your emails?

An adorable coincidence: what’s the opposite of Poland?