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Language links 11/09/15

Every Monday, I share some of what I’ve been reading in the past week.

The incredible Jennifer Jackson, whom I was lucky enough to know and to learn from, wrote the best description of linguistic anthropology I’ve ever seen. Read it in full at Savage Minds. She makes it clear that linguistic anthropology is always about language in use, that we don’t just study what is said but find social meaning in how it’s said. Most importantly, she talks about why our analysis matters: our goals are to link the micro to the macro, the interactional to the societal or cultural. No, seriously, read it in full.

How to identify pseudo-linguistics in media.

Teaching resources:

My new favorite thing: a blog about cursing whose authors are basically a who’s who’s in popular linguistics.

Richard Scarry updated his best-selling children’s book in the 1990s to be more inclusive. Somehow I didn’t find out about it until now.